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Sold Out "Spearmint and Lily", 4 oz, Great for Spinning, Felting, and Doll Hair

Image of Sold Out "Spearmint and Lily", 4 oz, Great for Spinning, Felting, and Doll Hair


In it you will find light yet rich purples, bits of blue-green, and then light blue and aqua colors. When this roving is spun, the yarn will wash in and out of these colors instead of give defined stripes. Its also nice as a 2-ply.

You get 4.5 ounces of this magical, hand-dyed Devon wool combed top. This wool is great for spinning or spindling finer weight yarns such as DK, fingering, and lace weights. I myself spin this into fingering weight then ply it together to make an incredible yarn. Very soft and touchable. This fiber is great for any type of project like mittens, hats, or accessories.

My dyeing methods are exclusive to crock-pots with some hand-painting techniques without the use of plastic wrap and microwaves. I use professional, colorfast acid dyes to ensure the color quality. Do not be suprised however if a bit of color bleeds out in the soaking process to set your twist if you intend to spin with this roving.

Hand-wash in lukewarm water with mild soap
Lay flat to dry
This material WILL felt if adgitated
It is too be expected that some dye may rinse out after spinning. This is normal even though the wool has already been rinsed after the dye process.

Special note: I try my best to describe the colors in this yarn. However, monitors from different computers vary in their ability to convey true colors. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!